Voyle B. Martin Post 93 was chartered in April 1934.  Charter members who signed the document were E. H. Kelton (Commander), O. C. Carlson (Vice Commander), Lawrence D. O’Hara (Adjutant), Alfred J. O’Neill (Historian), John Cadden (Service Officer), and Lester E. Cowden (Finance Officer).  In addition, there were 6 additional members; Greg E. Burt, Walter W. Bradford, Axel A. Jensen, Edward B. Gibson, Arthur Lind, and Russel Clancy.  The original charter is posted in the Post hall, along with other information about past officers, etc.

In (or around) 1976, the property was purchased that is the present site of the Post on 793 Crescent Beach Drive. **.  A floor plan and structure design using “Post and Beam” architecture was agreed upon and purchased as a package. **  With the help of local contractors, electricians, plumbers, and volunteer laborers the present building was raised and finished.  The American Legion Voyle B. Martin Post #93 officially opened on January 1, 1978. **

Since that time the Post has remained a social gathering place and center from which the Post’s various civic and charitable projects have evolved.

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